10 Must Read Running Books.

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Are you looking for running inspiration? Here is a selection of ten books that will help you find all the inspiration you need.

From the business of sport to healthy eating, from professional athletes sharing their tips ‘regular’ people sharing their experiences in running,  from scientific data driven training to stories of natural human achievement.

In these ten books you will find something for every mood.

Running book

Phil Knight

In this New York Times Bestseller, Phil Knight, founder and board chairman of Nike shares the story behind the famous ‘swoosh’ brand.

Knight tells the tail of how he grew Nike from a $50 investment and a first year grossing eight thousand dollars, to the global brand that we all know today.

Success doesn’t come easy. With triumph comes many uphill struggles, perseverance and determination (as with running). In this memoir Phil Knight gives a rare look into the tale of the Nike brand with both its challenges and triumphs.

Running food

Shalane Flanagan

Eating right is key for all athletes. But eating right and healthy should not mean eating boring or subjecting your entire family to your tasteless dietary guidelines. Whether an amateur athlete or chasing your personal best, Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow offers a wide range of nutritious meals that will compliment your active lifestyle.

Inside you will find breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas that are not only suitable for athletes but will keep the entire family fed and healthy. In addition, discover healthy snacks that will keep you energised on your run or simply help keep your fingers out of the (unhealthy) snack jar.

Cooking doesn’t need to be time consuming and difficult. Run fast, cook fast, Eat Slow keeps the cooking simple and the eating fun.

26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi

Meb Keflezighi with Scott Douglas

26 Marathons offers a great opportunity to lear from the best!

Meb Keflezighi has a long list if credits to his name. As the first runner to win both the Boston Marathon and the New York City marathon, as well as winning an Olympic medal he has stories to tell.

This book is a memoir that digs deep giving insight to his triumphs but through this book Meb Keflezighi walks back through this 26 Marathons giving insights and tips that will help runners at all levels grow in their own running.

Shut Up and Run

Robin Arzon

Shut Up and Run is a full immersion motivational coach designed to get you up and our the door. Much as the title suggests.

Created for runners at all levels this book is an illustrated guide that covers all things running. Designed to inspire and written to educate this book will having you not only out running but fully living the runners lifestyle in no time.

In addition to tips and technique ‘Shut Up and Run’ will help you in your gear and accessory choices. If you are dreaming of running but struggling to get out their, this is the inspiration you need.

Running book

Christopher McDougall

In this epic tale Christopher McDougall set out to find the greatest ultra-runners in the world, the Tarahumara Indians. Raised by a question on injuries,  Born to run explores the impact of technology and innovation on the human form. Why do we who run in sophisticated trainers suffer more injuries than some of the greatest endurance runners who run barefoot.

Through Born To Run Christopher McDougall perfectly navigates both science of running as well as the journey to discover the world greatest ultra-runners.

Endure Book

Alex Hutchinson

In physical endurance the role of the mind is ever present. Whilst physical endurance and fitness is key for any athlete, how much further can the power of the mind take you?

In his book Endure, journalist Alex Hutchinson explores a decade of research into the combination of both physical strength and the power of the mind in physical capability suggesting that our physical limits are not the boundary to our potential achievement, the mind can take us further.

If you are an endurance athlete, ultra-runner or Ironman, this is a read for you. Explore the science that drives us and how to unleash our true endurance potential.

The Incomplete Book of Running

Peter Sagal

An honest and humour filled tale of a life spent running. This is probably a story that many of us can identify with as Peter Sagan explores his life as a runner. As with many running started as a means for fitness and grew to a method of survival, something that is an  integral part of us.

From stories of the daily runs around the local neighbourhood to running the Boston Marathon finishing only moments before 2 explosions went off. This is a story of a journey of tens of thousands of miles running the pavement and the personal story that accompanies it.

Run Less Run Faster

Bill Pierce, Scott Muhr & Ray Moss

In this updated edition ‘Run Less Run Faster’ continues to focus on the efficiency of training and the concept of ‘training with purpose’. With a focus on training less for better results ‘Run Less Run Faster’ uses scientific studies from the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training to build a guide to help runners manage their training to reduce injury whilst still improving performance.

This updated edition’s has an expanded focus also providing useful insights and guides for novice runners making this an essential read for anyone setting out on their marathon training plans.

Running Rewired

Jay Dicharry

Running Rewired stems from biomechanical research. With a focus set on a combination of mobility and strength training in order to reduce injury, improve mobility and generally remove weakness, ‘Running rewired’ will get you, and keep you running at your best.

The sets out a series of exercises that focus on mobility & Stability, strength & power and amplifying your training.

Finding Ultra Book

Rich Roll

Finding Ultra is a story of personal transformation. Call it a midlife crises but author Rich Roll transformed his life when he turned 40. This book details his journey from middle-aged and overweight to becoming one of the worlds fittest athletes. A true tale that proves that with the right goals and mindset anything is possible.

Rich has gone on to compete in the elite Ultraman a gruelling  triathlon covering 320 miles. Later Rich set the bar even higher competing in the EPIC5. A series of 5 Ironman distance triathlons each on a different Hawaiian island completed in under a week.

In Finding Ultra Rich Roll gives insight to his plant based lifestyle, his training plans and routines. He share the tips and techniques he has used to find wellness and healthy living.

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