About Me

I did not start out as a runner, it took me some time to fall in love with it. I have a strong memory of a conversation with a friend who had just run the London Marathon and my biggest question was ‘how can anyone run 42.2 km? And why would they?’ It was several years later that I started out on my own running journey starting with 5km and then training for a 10km race. It was tough.

From then on running took on new proportions and the distances grew to half marathons and marathons taking in sights such as the NYC Marathon, the Chicago Marathon and the Berlin Marathon. With the ever growing interest to push a little further the next step was inevitable, the step towards triathlon and the ultimate challenge, the Ironman.

It’s a funny thing, I don’t see myself as an athlete. I’m just another guy who enjoys running, swimming, cycling and a challenge. What stays with me the most from this ongoing journey are the things I have learned, about myself, about sport both from experience and from friends around me.

No matter at what level, speed or distance, sport is rewarding and fun especially if you get to share the moments.

Loop is about about sharing those moments, about sharing what I have learned in the hope that it may help you.


Ironman Finish line