Build Your Own Home Gym. Boost Your Fitness!.

Are you ready to take your fitness and core strength to the next level?

Whether you are a seasoned or beginner runner, swimmer, cyclist or triathlete. Core strength training  is key to your healthy enjoyment of your sport. With winter on its way in Europe or as a means to just add extra core strength training to your daily routine, building a home gym is easier than ever.

Below are some great home gym equipment ideas that don’t break the bank, but will have you at your fitness peak in no time.

As always, when starting something new,  avoid injury by understanding the right exercises and weights for you.

TRX Suspension Trainer

When it comes to boosting your fitness and building your core strength, the TRX suspension trainer is a powerful fitness tool. This is also an essential to any home gym.

With great versatility, the suspension trainer helps you strengthen your core, build muscle as well as improve your cardio. Whether it’s push ups, pull ups, the plank, squats or lunges you are after, the TRX suspension trainer will handle them all and more. Using your bodyweight as the main component to your training,  TRX suspension training turns every workout into a full body workout.

As an added bonus, if you really needed more, the TRX trainer is portable so ideal for travel. This ‘gym in a box’ can be taken anywhere and attached to doors, trees or pretty much any horizontal beam.

Medicine Ball

With a focus on developing power, strength and speed, the medicine ball is a fantastic addition to any home gym. Coming  in variety of weight intervals for a range of force productivity exercises the medicine ball is suitable for both pure strength training or conditioning workouts.


Kettlebells set their focus around motion based training. This enables the development of muscle strength in your core and glutes, key for any athlete. As a result of the motion based training the kettlebell addresses many weaker areas that may not be receiving the same kind of focus with the more static dumbbell exercises.

Expand the depth and reach of your free weight training by adding kettlebell exercises to your home gym fitness program.

Large Exercise Ball

It can be as simple as using your exercise ball as a chair. At this most basic level you will be forcing your core muscles to kick in an stabilize your body and contribute to building your core strength.

Take it one step further with exercises built around your body’s need to use its core muscles to stabilize and this ball opens a whole new world of fitness exercises. As the  ball moves further from your bodies core, the harder you work to stabilise.

Improve your fitness and core strength whilst you are sitting around, literally.

Pull up Bar/Chin up Bar

This simple tool offers so much in terms of fitness and strength. With every pull up you will be working you biceps, triceps, wrist and grip strength, lats, shoulders and your core strength. With various grip possibilities it is easy to change the muscle focus as well as intensity or you workout. If you are short on time, this may be the tool for you to get great results with short high intensity workouts.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands may be the most diverse, cost efficient and travel friendly fitness tool to have in your home gym.

Used frequently in injury recovery, resistance bands allow you to dial in resistance as needed. Resistance bands can be used both as a stretching aid but also as a strength training tool and easily incorporated into existing exercises to add an extra challenge.

As a result of their compact size, this really is the perfect fitness travel companion for workouts on the go.

Bosu Balance Trainer

If you are already training at home, add the balance trainer to amplify your training.

Adding the balance trainer to body weight or free weight exercises will boost your fitness and core strength buy pushing your body to balance by engaging the core. Simple. But effective.

The balance trainer can be added to your existing free weight routine or build on your exercise routine with a wide range of balance focused fitness training exercises.

Foam Roller

If you are a runner you may already be familiar with foam rollers. Whilst generally used for self massage post exercise to release muscles and prevent injury, the foam roller in itself is a workout tool helping improve mobility and flexibility.

So whether you use your foam roller for post training or as part of your exercises, the foam roller is an essential part of your home gym set-up.

Exercise Mat

Stay comfortable! A foam exercise matt will give you the extra padding needed when performing ground based exercises protecting your elbows, wrists and tailbone. Your foam matt will also stop you from slipping during exercises and sweating on your floor. Easy to wipe clean, create your dedicated home gym training space, and roll it up and hide it out of site when finished.

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Building your own home gym does not need to be expensive. We review some key home gym essentials to help boost your fitness in no time.
Building your own home gym does not need to be expensive. We review some key home gym essentials to help boost your fitness in no time.