Essential Daily Running Gear.

Running Gear

When you are a regular runner you need to stock up on quite a lot of running gear. My purchasing criteria has the following components: comfort, price to quality and durability.

Some products fit this criteria better than others and these are some of my daily running gear essentials.

The Asics Dry Motion Running Singlet  is a light, snug fitting running top. I run mostly in hot climate and discovered the added comfort from not having sleeves that stick to my arms. This top is sweat absorbing but remains light and therefore reduces the ‘bounce’ of the material while running which reduces chafing and rubbing.

I am a big fan of the Nike Challenger 2-in-1 shorts  which have a light drifit outer short and an internal compression short (not the mesh netting). This provides both support and comfort whilst running. I have found that with other running shorts, especially those with a mesh inner short, I struggle with irritation after just a short run. I have run marathons in these shorts without issue.

The Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless sports headphones are  a good quality waterproof sports headphones. Easy to connect, every time.  Get your playlist organised and you’ll have the perfect companion for a run. The design of the headphones allows for a good fit around the ear with the ear bud held in place in side the ear. The design of these headphones means that the earbud is held in the ear by the over ear holder not by the ear bud itself, this allows for some external sound to be heard making the great if you are running routes with traffic.

The 8 hour battery life allows for several runs without charging and easily covers marathon distance if that’s your goal.

Feetures! socks  are comfortable. With a tight fit these socks don’t move at all. They sit tight and comfortable with very smooth seam around the toes leaving no bumps or irregularities to cause discomfort.  I discovered these socks by chance whist traveling and bought a few pairs. I have been running them for a number of years now, I will keep them going as long as I can.

The Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8 is my go to shoe. If you have not yet read my review on these shoes, you should.  This shoe has been in my running life for a number of years an I have been through a number of previous editions. This is a comfortable shoe offering a perfect combination of support and bounce giving you a spring in your step.

Read my review of the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 8

These Oakley sunglasses are an essential amongst my running gear, and extend to my cycling essentials too. With there very easy and fast lens changing capability adapting lenses for a cloudy day on the bike is quick and easy. These are they type of glasses that you will put on and forget you are wearing.

I have a small, thin longer face and the size of these glasses fits well. Many sunglasses seem to be getting bigger and bigger making a good fit more difficult.

My sunglasses came in a large protective Oakley hard case but also included a second more compact soft case. In addition they came with a pair of clear lenses slotted in a spare lens compartment in the hard case.

The SPIbelt solves one of my problems, I don’t like running with things (phone, keys) in my pockets. They bounce around and it’s not comfortable. I also don’t like armbands. This is a tight fitting belt made of a stretchy material that may appear small at first but will stretch to hold a phone, money, keys and some energy sweets and still sits tight. The great thing is that when you tighten the straps the belt sits tight and does not bounce around. You would almost forget that it is there at all.