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winter running

Go Winter Running. Cold Weather Running is Fun!

Don't stop running this winter! These cold weather running tips will keep you running. The biggest hurdle is yourself. Read on! With just a few warm clothes and some determination it is easy to keep your running fitness through the winter. Why loose all the running fitness you have been building up? Follow these tips to keep on going.

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Nike Zoom Pegasus 35

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35: First Run

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is a part of running History. First introduced in 1983, the Nike Pegasus is the best selling running shoe in Nike's history. In this review we take a closer look at this 35th edition of this legendary shoe and take our first runs to test how it feels out running.

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Men running on a trail

What Can We Learn From Ultra Trail Runners?

What can we learn from ultra trail runners? Beyond mindset and determination the average weekend runner has a lot to learn. In this post we take a look at recent running speed record attempts on the Appalachian trail by Scott Jurek and Karl Meltzer. What are the habits and mindset that set them apart?

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Running group

Benefits of Group Running

Group running is great fun. Whilst running is often seen as a solitary sport, running as a group brings with it a number of benefits that will not only make your run safer, but potentially also faster and further. But most importantly, it will bring a whole load of fun!

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home fitness

Build Your Own Home Gym. Boost Your Fitness!

Are you struggling to find time to get to the gym for your core strength training? Why not bring the gym to your home! Gym equipment is widely available, smaller and cheaper than ever. We take a look at some key gym equipment to boost your core strength and fitness. Take your running, swimming and cycling to the next level!

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Ironman Run Finish

8 Tips For Your Ironman Run

As you start your run on the Ironman you have a 3.8k (2.4 mile) swim and a 180k (112 mile) cycle behind you. You are now on your final stretch to the finish with a tough 42k (26.2 mile) run to go. Read how I approached the Ironman run and made it to those infamous finish line words 'You are an Ironman'.

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8 Tips For Your Ironman Bike

8 Tips For Your Ironman Bike

Out of the water and onto the bike. 180k (112 miles) on the road to be followed by a marathon run. Whilst you want will want your bike to be fast, pacing is everything if you want to survive your run. This is a review of ho I approached the Ironman bike course balancing pace, hydration and nutrition.

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